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Naturals by Trinamichelle & would like to celebrate Mother’s Day with you! We have wonderful baskets that will make her smile! Use code MOM2012 and receive 25% off your purchase!

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Winter Haircare!

In honor of the first day of winter,

We have a received a question from IMAPrincessnyc. In honor of the first day of winter, we are going to

Dear Beautiful Texture,

I have two questions you can choose to answer one or both.

(1) It’s regarding natural hair care.  My hair is fine and very soft.   My question is what are the best products and daily care, for my natural hair to promote optimal health and growth?
(2) I am rocking natural hair and in the winter my hair becomes very dry?  What are the best products/care to combat the dryness my hair experiences in the winter?

From IMAPrincessnyc

Hello IMAPrincessnyc,
Here are a few suggestions:

Those are wonderful questions and it is one that we encounter often when we are at events.

* Every two to three weeks, give your hair a hot oil treatment. Naturals by Trinamichelle’s Hair Elixir, Moroccan Oil Treatment, Organix Deep Penetrating Oil with Argan Oil or Queen Helene Placenta Hot Oil Treatment will do wonders.

* Try to shampoo your hair every other month. Shampoo strips the oils that protect your hair. In between shampoos, use a conditioner approximately every 5days to clean your hair. Do a deep conditioner or treatment (thicker than one you would use during the warmer weather months) once every month. A great deep conditioner is Queen Helene cholesterol conditioner.

* Use a great leave in conditioner. A great leave in is Jane Carter Solution Leave in Conditioner, Dr Miracle’s Styling Meds Healing Leave in Treatment and conditioner, or Aphogee Pro-vitamin leave-in conditioner.

* After using your daily moisturizer, protect your ends with Naturals by Trinamichelle Chocolate Creme Hair Butter.

*  Also, If you are not using a humidifier in your home, placing a pan of water on top of your radiators will help moisturize your hair as the winter air is very dry.

*  If your hair needs more moisture, a hair steamer is a great way to help your hair absorb the oil or deep conditioner that you apply to your hair. The heat opens your hairs’ cuticles and helps your hair receive the benefit of your product.

* When using styling gels, be sure to use one infused with oil, or be sure to put oil on your hair prior to putting the gel on your hair for more moisture.

* Another great way to protect your hair is to wear wigs or hair pieces! Your fragile ends are protected and you can keep your hair braided underneath for convenience. Be sure to wear your wig cap under the wig to protect your wig from damage and your hair from friction.

* Lastly, when rocking your natural hair style this winter, be sure to wear a scarf or satin bonnet under your hat. Be sure to keep your hair off of your sweaters or woolen scarves. Your hats, sweaters and scarves will take all of the moisture out of your hair and will dry your hair out.

For your question, you will receive a gift certificate in your inbox to help you purchase the products that we listed above!

Keep warm and be beautiful!

We have the right products for your hair!

Wellness Wednesdays!

We will tackle cold weather hair care on Monday!

The Answer To Wellness Wednesdays! The Thickening of The Thinning.

Wellness Wednesdays is here! We are answering the question asked by Anonymous: “What can I do to help my thinning hair?” Hello Anonymous!

Thank you so much for your question. This question resonates with all hair types and genders. Thinning can be addressed many ways. We will review a few of them in this posting and it will be continued in a series. This is one question that is asked of us at events, via email and though acquaintances.

 The first thing that should be addressed is you must determine whether or not you are doing anything to affect how your hair is growing. For example, if you tend to wear a ponytail everyday, chances are that your hairline and the hair in your crown will thin out. Another example would be if you constantly wear hats unprotected (without a durag, wig cap or scarf underneath). The hat will remove all of the natural oils that your hair needs to remain healthy and it will become brittle and break off. Once you have stopped whatever bad habit that may be negatively affecting your hair, you can move on to repairing the damage and thicken your hair.

To be clear, you cannot make your existing strands thicker, but, you can ensure that all of the follicles that are not permanently damaged are productive and producing hair. There are tricks to help your existing strands appear to be thicker than they are.

One of the basic ways to add thickness to your hair is to vigorously massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers. If your hair is curly, it is best to add a lubricant to your fingers. The lubricant need not be oily or heavy. A Shea butter based product or light oil with a coconut base are a great way to go. Deep conditioning your hair twice a week will also help you keep the hair that you do have and it will help you have a great climate on your scalp for your new strands to grow in.

If your hair is curly or kinky, do not comb your hair when it is dry. Always be sure to wet your hair (preferably with a spray bottle with water and an oil of your choice) and use your fingers to separate your hair. The only time you should use a comb on curly or kinky hair is when it is soaking wet and it has conditioner on it. If you are using a pick on your hair, you should never pick out your hair without adding a hair dressing of your preference. All hair textures should avoid mineral oil as it removes moisture from your hair.

If you have fine straight hair, you may be tempted to tease your hair to give your existing strands a fuller look. Teasing your hair will do more harm than good in the long run. The process of teasing your hair dries out your existing hair and, if done incorrectly, damages the cuticles of your hair.

When you have an event or the results are coming slowly, a wig (worn with a wig cap) is a very fast and efficient way to maintain your hair’s health while wearing whatever style you would like. Another great option is to wear clip in hair. It allows you to add the needed thickness to your hair without the tugging and tension of a traditional sew in weave. The clips are securely placed in minutes and they are virtually undetectable!

There are many more options. We will continue this topic over the next few weeks.

I hope I have helped anonymous as well as others who are looking for relief. Talk to you next week!

We will answer the question submitted to us by Anonymous: “What can I do to help my thinning hair?”

We will answer the question submitted to us by Anonymous: “What can I do to help my thinning hair?”

The Answer To Wellness Wednesdays! Part Deux!

Anonymous asks: “Now that I am a “woman of a certain age”, what can I do to attain and maintain a level of vitality.?” Answer at 9:00 P.M.

Thank you for your question Anonymous! When a person (male or female) is over the age of 40, they may begin to notice that their hair, skin and overall appearance begins to change. A easy way to “liven” your appearance is to give your hair some of the body and luster that it might have lost over the years. A great way to do this is to add two tablespoons of honey and a great plant based oil (if you are vegan, do not use honey) to your favorite conditioner. This will give your hair the body and luster that you were missing.

Your skin tends not to heal and replenish as quickly as it did when you were younger. A great way to attain a youthful glow to your skin is to use a facial scrub two to three times a week. If you feel that your skin needs even more oomph, a facial scrub with a fruit enzyme will do the trick. For the skin on the rest of your body, a body scrub will give your skin a wonderful glow.

Two great ways to make your eyes pop is to use white eyeliner on the inside you your lower lid. Lastly if your eyes are puffy and you are going out on the town, a cream used to treat hemorrhoids (it’s made to reduce swelling in sensitive areas) will reduce your puffiness and give you a youthful and rested appearance.

The products that we have discussed are listed in the tags can be found around your home and also at: We deliver to your front door!

If your hair is thinning… we will have tips for you next week to assist you with that. ;-) Good luck to you and remember that 40 is the new 30!

Thank you all for reading and we will talk about thinning hair next week!

Wellness Wednesdays! Part Deux!

Wellness Wednesdays submission: Anonymous asks: “Now that I am a “woman of a certain age”, what can I do to attain and maintain a level of vitality.?” Answer at 9:00 P.M.


Wellness Wednesdays!

Wellness Wednesdays is here! Our first question (And $25 raffle winner!) K. Shannon from Mississippi asks: “What is the best product to use to detangle my daughters’ hair?” Great question K. Shannon and congratulations! Being I do not know the age of your child, I will give you general advice. It is best to only comb your child’s hair when it is damp or wet. A spray bottle is a great way to accomplish this (especially as the temps begin to drop). I have a little one of my own and I like to add a bit of oil to the water to help condition and moisturize her hair as I am detangling. I am currently using Naturals by Trinamichelle’s Hair Elixir the scent and sheen are both amazing. In a pinch, coconut or olive oil work well too. Being you are in Mississippi on humid days products that contain vegetable glycerin are also great to use. This advice works well on curly, natural and relaxed hair that was braided or after removing hair system (weave, extensions etc.) Continue to keep your questions coming and we will see you here next week for Wellness Wednesdays!

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